Ikea Items I'm Keeping an Eye On

A few weeks ago we had an Ikea open in the Maritimes. And, lucky me, it's in our new city! The catalogue came in the mail about a month before opening and I was pretty excited to sift through it. I haven't stepped foot in an Ikea in a few years, so to say I was a bit excited about it opening may be an understatement. 

I did get to pop in the store for about 30min one day last week. Which, if you've ever been in an Ikea, is definitely not enough time to look around. So I'll definitely be going back soon, hopefully before baby arrives (can someone say 2 weeks until due date?? Ahhh!)!

Between browsing through the catalogue, looking online, and the brief time I was in the store, as usual there are some things that have got my attention. So, some things I have my eye on? Here's a little round up. Believe me, there's more things I'll definitely be scoping out, these are just a few of the standouts. 

Of course I look at this round up and it involves mainly neutrals & some stripes. That sounds abut right. And, see that light pendant and dining chair? Those are two items I'm really considering to go towards completing our kitchen/dining space (see the details here). I will admit, in the short amount of time I was in the store, I was able to swipe up that striped laundry hamper and I'm sure my next visit something else will come home with me too.

What are you currently eyeing from Ikea? Any must haves I've got to check out on my next visit? Do tell!