At Home Christmas Drink: Egg Nog Latte

I'm not one to pour a glass of egg nog this time of year and drink it straight up. But, I am one who enjoys egg nog in my coffee. Sometimes I'll use it to replace my cream, and other times I'll create my own latte. It's super easy and the steps are very similar to the London Fogs I like to make. And of course, it's best enjoyed in your favourite Christmas mug!

Make your own:

1. Make some coffee & then fill your favourite mug 1/2 - 3/4 full of said coffee.

2. Next, warm approx. 1/2 cup of egg nog (I put mine in a small microwaveable bowl or pyrex measuring cup and then warm in the microwave). It usually takes about two 20 second cycles.

3. When your egg nog is warm, add a sprinkle of cinnamon & nutmeg to it and then froth with a frother. The one I have is pictured in this post and I found it for about $10 at Walmart (worth every penny!). *Note: if you like your latte a bit sweeter, then I suggest adding the sugar to the egg nog because it'll mix in nicely when you froth!

4. Once you have frothed till your heart's content, add your egg nog to your coffee! And to be sure you get all that foam on top, hold it back with a spoon when pouring the egg nog into your mug. That way you'll be sure to have a nice little mountain of foamy goodness on top!

5. That's it. Sit back & enjoy!

*I realize not everyone has a frother at their disposal. For a while when I wanted froth for teas etc. I would place a whisk in the milk & literally roll it back and forth in my palms until the milk got foamy. It works, but takes a little longer & I guess a bit more effort.

I can't believe Christmas is a week away! We've got some shopping and wrapping to do & then hopefully we'll be all set. We're trying to soak in the season this week, especially with an extra excited toddler this year! Hope you have a moment to sit back and take in the season this week. Maybe with an egg nog latte? 

What's your favourite hot drink this time of year?