Kitchen/Dining Room Update

I thought it was about time I share a little update with the happenings in our kitchen/dining area. Because, well, it's been a while. To be honest there's really not too much to share, but we did manage to get a new light fixture a few months back. If you follow along on Instagram you would have gotten a look at it by now. Anyways, it was on my list to complete before baby boy arrived and I'm so glad we actually accomplished it!

If you remember, I created a design board with some decor options/ideas back in this post. Here's a look at it to jog your memory:

We decided to go with the exact light fixture from the inspiration board I made. It's the HEKTAR pendant lamp (the largest size) from Ikea and it's one of the things I've had my eye on for quite some time. To be honest, when we got the light home and I took it our of the box I was a bit worried because it seemed huge; especially in comparison to the light that was already hanging above our table. I measured though, and the diameter of the two was pretty much the same. I think it just seemed so huge because of the style. The whole time Seth was installing it I was second guessing myself and it did take some getting used to after it was up (but I really loved it!). 

Another concern I had is that it wouldn't make enough light for the space and it would be to dark. But, overall, it lights up the table area well, and I like the cozy feel and atmosphere it gives off in the evenings. The other light in our kitchen is generally on as well, so I find that there's plenty of light.

After living with the new light fixture for a few months we really do love it and I'm glad we went this route. Even though there's still some things to do in this space I love how it's coming together!

Here's a quick reminder where & what we started with:

And, the progress:

Things we still need to do:
  • Find new chairs for the table - I'm leaning towards white wood.
  • New curtains for the patio doors (although, after living with no curtains for a while I'm really not minding the bare patio doors - it lets in lots of natural light!)
  •  Decide what to do with the back wall. Do I get some art, a huge mirror, some shelving? I'm kind of at a loss at what to do right now. Help!
  • Find a sideboard/island/cart of sorts for the kitchen (see this post).
It's already looking so.much.better & I can't wait to share more progress as it comes!