Herb Garden Inspiration

I'm hoping to have a little herb garden this year. Nothing major, just something small & easy.
For the past little bit, I've been collecting some ideas of cute ways to "house" herbs...

{find it}

I love, love, love, the idea of using a wooden pallet as an herb garden.


A wooden crate is another great way to house your herbs!

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There's always the classic terra cotta pot. Perhaps with a little paint dipping? I do have mint paint leftover from this project that I could put to use.

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Or I could do some gold leafing. I love this look that The Hunted Interior created!

{find it}

I also like the idea of cute tins too! These seafoam ones from Indigo are the perfect colour for summer.
And a while back perhaps you remember me posting this cute way of storing herbs?

So many options! I best make a decision and get to work!
Do you have little herb garden? If so, how do your house your herbs?

Happy Saturday & happy June!!