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A Chaos Free(ish) Christmas

I love, love, love, the Christmas season. I always look forward to decorating, and the snow (yes, I believe there should be snow at Christmas!), the cozy, the family, the friends, the lights, the reason why we celebrate, everything about it, really. However, a few weeks ago as I was seeing all the Christmas posts (both on Instagram & blogs) I was starting to feel like I was behind and running out of time. I had to take a step back and I realized how absolutely ridiculous I was for thinking that. When I started feeling like this it wasn't even mid-November yet. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like everyone on the "gram" decorated for Christmas while their kids were out trick-or-treating!? No?

I love seeing all the ideas, recipes, and decorating but, it was making me stress a bit and that's just plain silly. No.Need.To.Panic. 

These are a few things I've been trying to remind myself of when the panic & chaos tries to creep in. Maybe you need the reminder…

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