23 March 2011

Bringing In Spring

Bringing In Spring Tip #2 : Organize AND Purge

The start of a new season is a GREAT time to go through the house, organize & purge
Great places to start:

- The kitchen cupboards
- The Bathroom
- Any & all closets 
- The Home Office
{Let's be honest - the whole house needs a good organize & purge!}

Go through these spaces and others too (if need be)! You know exactly where and what needs to be organized in your home. My suggestion is to clear everything out of the particular space you are working on. Once you have everything out, go through it all and decided what items you can live without (trust me, we all have them!) and place items in 1 of 4 piles: sell, donate, trash & keep. We all know the rule and have heard it 100 times over : If you haven't used it in the last 6 months to a year - then get rid of it!! Purging can be hard, but afterwards it will feel so good! 

Once you have decided what to keep - then decide how you would like to store your items. It may just be a simple task of putting your things back in the space in a neat and organized manner. You might consider getting baskets or bins to help keep things organized. Labeling also helps! Do what works for you!

If you have seasonal items that you use and want to keep (but are finished with them for the season) I suggest storing them in a tote and placing the tote in a closet, basement, attic, etc. That way you won't be  fighting your way past the Christmas plates to get at your "everyday" plates, for example. It will also leave more space for your other items and 
everything won't look so jumbled! 

Think the same way for your clothing too! Store away everything from the past season that you know you won't be needing or wearing until the winter comes back around. This will help make easy transition from season to season. And again, try to let go of items (at least a few, anyway) that you know you don't wear. 

This can all be somewhat overwhelming, so I suggest tackling one space at a time. It also may take more than just a weekend, so don't be discouraged. In the end it will feel great to have things in place and it will definitely feel "lighter" around your house. 
Maybe kinda like this.

Lastly, here are a few great resources (that I like to use) to help you out. There's some great ideas and tips for organizing, storage etc.

Do you have any favourite resources to help you with your organizing & purging?

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